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Mental Health Austin provides therapy and counseling for Northwest Austin and the neighboring communities of Round Rock, Leander, Cedar Park and beyond.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling


If you use alcohol and/or drugs to deal with life’s stressors in our ultra fast-paced world, where it seems many of us are a dollar shy and day late, you are not alone. More than ever energy drinks, caffeine, and illegal stimulants, help us wake up. Sleep aides, pain relievers, and sedatives are needed to bring us down. In my work with addiction, I have seen well-meaning adults and fun-loving teenagers get lured, innocently, into the world of addiction.

However, dependence on drugs is something that can be overcome. There is a magical moment when being sober is more thrilling and desirable than the drug. I have personally worked with people addicted to everything from caffeine and cigarettes to self-harm and heroin. In the saddest, most desperate situations I have seen the human spirit prevail. I have witnessed what recovery looks like.

Please take a moment and think about taking the journey out of the world of addiction with someone like myself who has years of experience dealing with substance abuse. With gentle guidance and the power of the twelve steps, you can begin the road to recovery. You don’t have to do it alone.

Allow me to offer you a gentle hand and walk through the glorious journey of recovery!