Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

How can grief counseling help you heal?

Within the context of grief therapy, clients began to realize the normalcy of their grief while sharing their story with other bereaved individuals or with a grief and loss therapist. Although extremely painful, grief is a normal process of accommodating to the new life that must be lived in the absence of a loved one. Bereaved loved ones begin to realize the anger, questioning, and disbelief they are experiencing is actually a very healthy and adaptive part of the grief process, as well as part of a natural course of coming to acceptance. We are biologically programmed to yearn for our lost loved ones and to be resistant to accept such a grave loss.

Grief is unique to each individual. It is a process that can take weeks to years.

With help from counseling, clients can more quickly begin to see that most bereaved individuals manage to get through the worst of their grief and continue to function and find meaning in life. Only a very small percentage of clients experience intense, persistent, disabling, life-altering feelings that ultimately interfere with the survivor’s identity, sense of self-worth, feelings of security, safety, or hopes for future happiness. The likelihood of unresolved feelings returning years later can be diminished by dealing with the loss directly and early in the grieving process.

Don’t hesitate to start your journey to find peace and joy again by reaching out and sharing your story within the context of a mutually respectful, growth-fostering counseling relationship.

“Grief is two parts. The first is the loss. The second is the remaking of life.”

– Annie Roiphe

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